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Your body has an inborn intelligence which coordinates, repairs, renews and heals every single cell.  Your brain and nervous system are the main distribution centers and coordinators of this intelligence.  We all experience stress, physically, chemically and emotionally, and our bodies can become overwhelmed by these stresses. When this occurs that stress is stored as tension in the body, distorting it's structures and altering the function of the nervous system.  This impedes the expression of innate intelligence in your body and is called... 

SUBLUXATION sub/lux/ation = less/light/expression 

When you are subluxated your body is less able to adapt to stress, whether it is a major event like a car accident or a loss of loved one, or typical day to day stresses such as poor ergonomics, commute traffic, poor diet, over busy schedules, challenging relationships, etc. As more and more tension/subluxation builds in the body, you will likely begin to express symptoms and disease processes.  Through chiropractic adjustments, that stored tension (potential energy) can be accessed and utilized... freed up for use in your life!  Freeing your body from subluxations can allow you to grow, heal and evolve naturally from the inside out. You will become better able to adapt to life's stresses and to do more of what you love. Everyone can benefit from a fully functioning nervous system and greater expression of innate intelligence.  You can take an active role in your health and wellbeing by having your family checked for subluxations regularly!  We are here to serve you.

The Model of Chiropractic 
Bio-Geometric Integration (BGI) As stated in the American Chiropractor, 

"Bio-Geometric Integration (BGI) was developed by Dr. Sue Brown, and is an understanding that enhances the chiropractor's knowledge of the human body. BGI provides an understanding of the innate geometry of the body and the force dynamics surrounding the creation and the release of subluxations. The philosophy, science and art of chiropractic are examined providing the opportunity to express and understand chiropractic in accord with contemporary science. Through understanding the innate geometry of the body, the chiropractor is more able to efficiently and gently release the subluxation, and assess the effectiveness of the adjustment. The geometric understanding of the body also serves to bridge a gap between the many techniques of chiropractic, by providing a common language and understanding from which to converse. 

Bio-Geometric Integration empowers chiropractors with, not only the "how" of adjusting, but the "why", blending perfectly the philosophical concepts with the science of quantum physics. It deals with an understanding of the body and the force dynamics surrounding the creation and release of subluxations. 

In BGI, the cause of subluxations is explained as "an unintegrated experience of new force frequencies". If the body cannot fully integrate and dissipate the forces to which it is exposed, it will then store the energy contained in these forces. This energy/force is stored as tension in the physical structures of the body, with the muscular, skeletal and ligamentous systems being the most commonly involved. Tension in these systems causes tension/compression on the nervous system and, thus, subluxations are formed. Release of the stored force/energy/tone will release the tension and, thus, the subluxation." 

For more understanding on BGI, please go to www.bgiseminars.com